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Swinger Sites – types of websites with descriptions

There’s a
large array of swingers sites on the Internet and I’ll give you a synopsis of all
types here. Swingers Sites offer a comprehensive swingers’ point of view.
Swingers like to look at these ‘communities’ as one big happy extended

Here is a list of the different swinger site types along with a description:

  • Swinger dating services like our site (also known as swinger
    personal ads sites) – These websites specialize in matching willing swing partners
    up. Swingers post ads with pictures and tell what type
    of sexual partners they are interested in hooking up with. The highest quality
    of these types of sites also offer a large array of other services
    including all those listed below. They have a very high success rate
    of partnering up swingers looking for action. Whether you want localized swingers or
    remote rendezvous, these sites are tops. There is usually a minimal
    membership fee that helps minimize risk of non-swinging participants – trust me,
    its WELL worth it!

  • Swinger Chatrooms – These websites offer
    live chat areas for swingers to converse, tease, discuss sexual encounter
    details and much more. They are a perfect arena for getting to know more
    about possible sexual partners and creating hot fantasy enounters. I’ve found that alot of these
    chatrooms that are not within a legitimate swingers membership site are
    invaded by false users (not real swingers but surfers trying to get their
    jollies) .. if you want to avoid wasting time with fakers, do yourself a favor
    and find a good REAL swingers chatroom inside a swingers dating service

  • Swinger Boards – These are the perfect
    place for general discussion along with being a great Question & Answer
    medium. You can get tips, advice and answers from swingers around the
    world on these boards. Nothing is taboo on the boards, you can say and
    ask anything your heart desires here. I like to read about others’
    fantasies here and participation is as open as you want – if you want to
    remain annonymous, fine – if not, fine also. I would
    make the same statement as I did about the chatrooms, if you want to avoid
    wasting time with fakers, find a REAL board inside a good membership site –
    thats where the true fun begins!

  • Swinger Resource Areas – Resource areas
    offer lists of other websites, local clubs, swinger conventions, parties,
    swinger bars etc all in one place. If you want to find out where the
    most popular onsite (meaning rooms are available for sexual encounters right
    on the premises) clubs in your area, or which convention is scheduled for
    where .. these areas can usually point you in the right direction. If you want REAL swinger information,
    its best to find it within a reputable swinger site. They really do
    offer everything you could ever dream of inside.

Swingers sites abound and the best of them work together as a community, swingers sites
ensure the healthy evolution of a flourishing online swingers scene. The most beautiful aspect of swinging is undoubtedly the amazing sex. Sure, there is a certain
visceral, artistic satisfaction to it all. But when it comes down to brass tacks, most swingers agree that sex is what
it’s all about.

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