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Making swinger rules for you and your partner

Let’s start
with the basics. You (or you and your partner) want to spice things up in the
bedroom. You’ve tried every position in the Kama Sutra, and told dirty stories
until the walls peeled. You still crave more, now what?? When you get
bored in real life, you turn to
your friends, right? Well, what’s wrong with inviting some friends to help out in
the realm of sex? This is where swinging comes into play for alot of
people. But what ground rules should you have? Every couple has their
own individual set of swinger rules, its best if you set these guidelines before
diving into a swinging situation to save possible hurt feelings. This is what I suggest:

Ask yourself:
-What type of rules are you comfortable with?
are the things that made you uncomfortable?
-What do you think you would enjoyed about swinging?

-What wouldn’t you like?
then discuss these things openly and honestly
with your mate. Compare notes and set a few boundaries.
Here is
a ‘sample’ of some things you could consider:
1. We only swing together.
2. No
glove, no love. Although oral without condoms is okay, intercourse with other
people only happens with condoms.
3. We both have to be in agreement with
what is happening.
4. Both members of the other couple have to be into it.

5. Married couples must be together, unless we know them and know it is okay
with the spouse to play alone.
Remember .. these are just samples, you
should always come up with your own guidelines, perhaps you don’t like bondage –
then add that as a rule, no anal? – add that .. whatever suits YOUR sexual
tastes is what you consider.

Most of all, HAVE FUN!

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