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Boring Sex Life?

As a swinger, I get to chat to many folks about sex. The interesting thing is that a lot of folks I chat with inform me that they believe others are enjoying a much better sex life than they are. Usually they say Nude Photo Personals Sites that their sex life is very boring and there is no excitement. The longer the folks has been together the less exciting their sex seems. Naturally, there are people that have a great sex life and have been together forever. These couples are rare in my experience and usually swingers.

A study Nude Photo Personals with Pictures recently discovered that after a couple of years of marriage, the wife’s interest in sex had shrunk fifty percent. There was also a major decline in intercourse.

What can one implement Online Photo Personals to heat up ones sex life?

First: Spouse bonding. Women usually enjoy this style of sex. The emotional relating with your partner is the most Online Photo Personals Ads important. Usually, partners when they first were in lust have a lot of spouse connection in sex. Eye gazing, touchy feely and fluids flowing and the sex is really fantastic! It just flows and there is lots of hugging, kissing and foreplay.

So how Online Photo Personals Dating Services do you get more of this fun sex with your lover. One idea in sex to get more out of this concept is to keep your eyes open while having sex. You will find most couples don’t even look at their partner. Eyes unite us and get the sexual juices flowing. for the more adventurous, I recommend opening your eyes while Online Photo Personals Services you orgasm. Men find this to be a challenge yet you can do it!

Second: Sex is like a trance. With this idea you go inwards and is all about ones sexual fantasies,sexual feelings or a Online Photo Personals Sites sex dream. Your eye lids are shut as the sexual connection with your spouse is not necessary. Men like to visualize sex in their minds.

I had a partner Online Photo Personals with Pictures who liked to go into another world. I just felt I like a taxi driver taking her to her sexual fantasies. Since I didn’t get to join her sexual adventure, I didn’t feel sexually satisfied. Touching her was one method that I found frustrating. I told her this and she did starting me also.

Third: Sexual Real Photo Personals Role Play. This is a lot of fun. You can act out a sexual fantasy or become a sexual healer or doctor. You could be an animal. Bondage falls into this version of sex play. This is usually more challenging for folks. However sexual role playing can really rev up your sex experiences.

Fourth: Swinging Real Photo Personals Ads (my favorite) Swinging is the most exciting sex I have ever experienced! There is nothing like “strange” to get the juices really flowing. However, swinging is only for couples who are very secure in their relationship. If you are looking to swinging to save your marriage, forget it! It is way too dangerous for couples Real Photo Personals Dating Services in trouble. Swinging is only for viable for great partnership who are looking to share sex with others and enjoy their partner having sex with others. If you want to check out the swinging world go to our Swinger Sites Reviews site. There you will find our favorite sites for swinging.

If your Real Photo Personals Services sex is boring, and you are really committed. Ask your sexual partner to try something new. Try having your partner take the sexual lead in this adventure. Sexual experimenting can be fun, enjoy yourself!

If your Real Photo Personals Sites

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